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Teeth Extractions in Richmond, TX

What is dental teeth extraction?

Dental teeth extraction is a procedure performed by a qualified dentist or oral surgeon to remove a tooth from the gum socket.

At Smile Solutions Richmond, we know that you want your mouth to be as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, and we can aid this by using specialized instruments to ensure a safe and efficient removal of the tooth.

Sometimes, tooth damage and decay can cause a range of oral health issues, such as abscesses or swelling, which is often painful and can cause inconvenience. It is important to seek treatment in cases like this to prevent the damage from spreading, or causing more serious problems.

While minor tooth damage and decay can be solved using other methods, serious damage caused by decay or trauma may require the tooth to be extracted.

Reasons to have dental teeth extraction

When a tooth has decayed or been damaged beyond repair, a dental extraction may be necessary. Some reasons to get a damaged tooth removed include:

Risk of infection

Extensive tooth decay or damage can lead to numerous bacterial infections within the tooth itself and the surrounding tissues. If the infection is left untreated, it can result in the formation of abscesses.

Dental infections can also be extremely painful and it poses the risk of spreading to other areas of the body, causing widespread problems. The simplest way to remove the risk of infection is by removing the problem tooth via dental extraction.

Preventing further damage

While it may not seem like a huge issue initially, a damaged tooth can cause more problems than expected as time passes.

If a tooth is decayed or damaged, it can affect the surrounding teeth by shifting and becoming misaligned, and as a consequence misaligning other, undamaged teeth.

By extracting the decayed or damaged tooth, you can remove the problem altogether, as without the problem tooth, the chances of tooth misalignment and infection are massively reduced.

Dental crowding

Crowding and tooth misalignment are both very common in patients who lack sufficient space in the dental arch for their teeth to come through.

In minor cases, dental crowding can be fixed using braces or other, similar appliances. However, the removal of some teeth may be necessary to allow for proper growth and structural integrity.

Broken Teeth

When you experience facial trauma from an event such as an accident, sport injury or physical altercation, a broken tooth can cause many problems.

If your dentist is unable to repair the broken teeth, extraction may be the only available option. The extracted teeth can be replaced with dentures or dental implants.

Impacts of dental teeth extraction

During the process of tooth extraction, we will talk with you about potential long term and short term impacts of having this procedure. Considerations may include:

  • Chewing Difficulty: After the procedure has ended you may experience initial difficulty with chewing, especially if the tooth or teeth extracted played a significant role in chewing. We can recommend dietary modifications as part of our aftercare and will help reduce the need for excessive chewing.
  • Swelling & Bruising: This is a normal result of the procedure and application of ice packs will help with reduction of the swelling.
  • Tooth Alignment: Removal of a tooth or multiple teeth will affect the alignment of neighboring teeth over time. We will break down how this will affect your mouth both visually and physically.

At Smile Solutions Richmond, we will also discuss potential long term plans which can be carried out such as the installation of dental implants or dentures in the place of the extracted tooth.

Other Questions

Still have some questions regarding the dental extractions procedure? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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